Stanford Law's Ryan Calo On Privacy

Lecturer Ryan Calo was the feature guest on an episode of the show (R)evolution that focused on privacy settings in online social networks. The broadcast segment can be found here:

Welcome to the (R)evolution, a new series that connects you to the people, trends, and ideas defining the future of business, culture, and media. There's a poignant observation by Gabriel García Márquez I'd like to share with you, “Everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life, and a secret life.” Which do you broadcast?

The social web is not powered by technology as much as it is by people. While it is the responsibility of social networks and services to ensure that privacy settings are in our control, as well as easy to understand and manage, the consequences of our actions ultimately fall on us. And as a result, what we say, share, and do online is there for others to discover. The web has a long memory and what people discover is usually theirs to interpret without the benefit of our explanation. As it is today, we're reactive rather than proactive with the digital shadows we cast.

Ryan Calo, runs the Consumer Privacy Project at Stanford Law School. he joins us on (R)evolution episode 14 to discuss privacy and his research on privacy harm and human interface design to move technology, and interaction, toward a more productive and collaborative social landscape. Please watch this important discussion...