New Creations on Display at Stanford National Robot Week Event

Innovators and technology developers on Wednesday night were celebrating National Robot Week at Stanford University by showing off robots of the future. The event wasn't all serious tech talk. In fact, one of the big hits of the event was a dancing robot.

Nao is the name of the $16,000 dancing model made in France for universities and schools to stimulate robotics research. There's even a robot app store in San Francisco to program him.
There was also a robot that shoots video. 
"Where it's important to get a particular angle or be extremely steady or series of motions, it's actually very good and elegant device," explained Ryan Calo of the Center for Internet and Society.
Another robot on display was designed to disarm explosives while the  controller sees what the robot sees through 3-D glasses. The person controlling the device can be thousands of miles away.
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