Most Facebook, Google Users Worry About Privacy And Security

Lecturer M. Ryan Calo is quoted by The Last Watchdog's Byron Acohido in the following article on privacy concerns over Facebook and Google:

Most Americans are worried about privacy and viruses when using Facebook or Google (GOOG), according to results of a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll released Tuesday.

Nearly seven out of 10 Facebook members surveyed — and 52% of Google users — say they are either “somewhat” or “very concerned” about their privacy while using the world’s most popular social network and dominant search engine.

Even so, technologists and privacy experts say most people lack a clear grasp of the complex risks they accept whenever they’re on the Internet. “Consumers generally do not understand who’s getting access to their data and for what purpose,” says Ryan Calo, director of the Consumer Privacy Project at the Stanford University Center for Internet and Society.

Many of us “have a general sense of unease” when we’re online, Calo says.