How Congress is shaping data privacy laws during the pandemic

"“I think it’s important to consider that the inertia of these kinds of things, that the decisions we make now, will impact privacy for years to come,” Northeastern University professor of computer science and law Woodrow Hartzog said last week in a conversation about privacy and COVID-19."

"One of the experts who testified at the hearing is University of Washington School of Law professor and UW Tech Policy Lab co-director Ryan Calo. Along with other witnesses, he testified that aggregated data can and should inform health policy where appropriate.

In a recent, illuminating piece of research, partners including the United Nations and World Health Organization cataloged the ways AI can aid in the fight against COVID-19. Citing the study, Calo testified that big data and AI initiatives for fighting COVID-19 should take place in three ways: epidemiology and clustering on a societal level; COVID-19 diagnosis on a clinical level; and things like protein structure prediction, drug repurposing, and work on drugs and vaccines on a molecular level."