Federal judge in Pittsburgh cuts Kentucky computer hacker a break

"Anecdotally, there are plenty of examples of people who commit cybercrimes in their youth who go on to become law-abiding citizens and even computer security experts, said Brian Nussbaum, a former security intelligence analyst who teaches computer security at State University of New York at Albany.

“It has historically not been unusual for youthful indiscretions at the keyboard to lay the technical and intellectual foundations for careers in information technology and information security,” Nussbaum said.

How often that occurs, however, is an open question, he said.

While many criminal justice researchers focus on criminal behavior and how it changes over a person's lifetime, “there has been very little research applying this approach to cyber criminals,” Nussbaum said. “This is at least, in part, because the field of studying cyber criminality is much less mature than the broader field of studying criminality.”"