Facebook Hires Up Three of Its Biggest Privacy Critics

"Jen King, director of consumer privacy at Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society, thinks it's a sign Facebook may be ready to actually take privacy seriously. "It's possible that Facebook has finally gotten the memo and is really trying to make change," King told WIRED. She also noted, though, that Facebook has decided to bolster its privacy credentials fairly late in the game, especially given that its irresponsible handling of user data led to an Federal Trade Commission consent decree all the way back in 2011."

"Privacy advocates have so far struck a note of cautious optimism. "Nate, Robyn, and Nathan know the challenges, and they wouldn’t go to Facebook unless they saw a real opportunity to make a meaningful difference. They are all going to try to move fast and break things—to benefit privacy," said privacy expert and ACLU attorney Jennifer Granick in an email to WIRED. "Whether they’ll be able to be effective inside what’s become a big bureaucracy that makes money off of knowing a ton about us remains to be seen.""