Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter veto the paranoid extreme right. Is it good news?

(Google Translated)

"For attorney Ryan E. Long, who specializes in intellectual property cases on the Internet, platforms such as Facebook can not justify vetoing outrageous characters on the right and not doing so with those on the left. He gives as an example the preacher Louis Farrakhan, whose incendiary speeches are easy to find. "I think they are pushing the agenda of the left," Long says by telephone. "It bothers me as an American. I do not agree with Alex Jones, but I defend his right to speak. This (the veto) shows that they have an agenda. "

Richard Forno , an expert in cybersecurity at the University of Maryland, agrees that there is no First Amendment protection in this case. "We are a private company, we have conditions of service, your actions violate these conditions, we have the right to suspend your account. For me, it's a pure commercial transaction. " Forno believes these companies are sending a message: "If we have removed this troll, we can take you away."
Scott Shackenfold, professor of cybersecurity and Internet governance at Indiana University, believes that this way of acting on platforms such as Facebook is influenced by the fact that "most of its growth is outside the United States, where the rules of speech political are different. " "These new markets do not have the American vision of freedom of expression, which must be recognized as quite unique," Shackenfold adds in a telephone interview. "It only surprises if you're in the US.""