David Levine joins editorial board of Secrecy and Society

"Associate Professor David S. Levine is one of 18 leading scholars from around the world - and the only law professor - serving on the founding editorial board of a new online journal dedicated to the nascent scholarly field of secrecy.

Levine will help shape research agendas and policymaking through his involvement with Secrecy and Society. The peer-reviewed open-access journal analyzes and evaluates dimensions of secrecy in society while also reporting on “affiliations with censorship, confidentiality, privacy, surveillance, and forms of secrecy in the human-built and natural worlds.”

In the inaugural issue published this fall, Levine joined with Lisa Lynch of Drew University on “Whither Megaleaking? Questions in the Wake of the Panama Papers.”

"Secrecy, which includes the intentional and nonintentional concealment of information, is a new scholarly field," Levine said. "While related concepts like privacy and transparency have existing communities, secrecy as a concept is surprisingly understudied despite a pressing need to understand its contours.""