DALLAS: Using remote-controlled robot to kill suspect may be a first

"But Peter Asaro, an assistant professor at the New School in New York City and a co-founder of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, wondered why, if Dallas police could detonate a bomb, they couldn’t have set off a tear gas canister attached to the robot instead.

“There are number of critical questions,” among them whether the perceived militarization of police is appropriate, Asaro said.

Elizabeth Joh, a professor of law at UC Davis who specializes in policing and technology, wondered to the Huffington Post whether the decision making about use of force is the same when a robot is sent in from afar as when an officer is present with the suspect.

“What does ‘objectively reasonable’ lethal robotic force look like?” she said.

She also worried whether police would eventually use more advanced weaponry without oversight."