Civil Rights Scorecard Analyzes Police Body Cameras, Governance

"Harlan Yu, principle with communications consultant Upturn, said that pre-report viewing -- viewing footage prior to the filing of an officer’s incident report -- creates an uneven playing field. "And in the worst case," Yu added, "an officer could conform his or her report to match only what showed in the video rather than having the report be an independent account of what he or she actually saw."

Yu also mentioned the implication of personal privacy concerns in cases of sexual assault or domestic violence. He argued that responding officers should have a clear set of guidelines for the use of cameras in these sensitive cases.

“There’s a worry in the civil rights community that cameras will capture individuals in some of the worst moments of their lives,” he said. “Think of an officer who arrives on a call to find a victim of a sex crime or heated domestic dispute. So, departments need to be extremely thoughtful about the privacy impact that cameras have.”"