National Security Podcast: Tech, law, and when cyber turned kinetic

On this episode of National Security Podcast, Katherine Mansted speaks to Scott Schakelford, Angie Raymond, and Abbey Stemler on social media’s influence on democracies, and what international law has to say about data sharing.

How are social media platforms changing who has power inside democracies and in international relations? Should Israel’s recent strikes on Hamas change our thinking on cyber and the use of force? With Australia in the midst of an election and another coming up in the US next year, can ‘critical thinking’ really protect us from electoral interference and fake news? In this episode, Katherine Mansted asks three cyber experts from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business Scott Shackelford,  Angie Raymond, and Abbey Stemler, on the role of international law in transnational data sharing. They also discuss whether data will be Balkanised as many suspect the Internet will be, and whether users could possibly limit the data that’s collected on them daily in the future. Listen here:


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