How an (Autonomous Driving) Bill Becomes Law (Video)

Audio Version of Panel Talk

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An Oral History of Nevada's Groundbreaking Regulation of Self-Driving Vehicles
Two years ago, no state legislature had even contemplated self-driving cars. Now, three states have passed legislation, several more are considering it, and Nevada's DMV has issued the world's first autonomous vehicle test plates to Google. What happened? The answer reveals how the legislative and regulatory process actually works -- and provides important lessons to others that may follow Nevada's path.
Panelists include:
Marilyn Dondero Loop - Chair, Assembly Transportation Committee
Bruce Breslow - Director, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
Troy Dillard - Deputy Director, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
David Estrada - Legal Director, Google
Bryant Walker Smith (Moderator)- Resident Fellow, Center for Internet and Society

Focus Area: 

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