Digital Impact; Policy and Practice for the Non-profit Sector in 2017

In this digital day and age we’re grappling with questions like:

  • What are the key digital policy issues that matter to nonprofits in 2017?
  • What are the most pressing challenges to nonprofits and activists?
  • What should nonprofits, foundations and community activists know about? How can they get involved? And what should they be doing to keep themselves and their communities safe?

This event will help inform and open a conversation on this topic with our audience of foundation and nonprofit leaders, students, philanthropists and more.



Lucy Bernholz, Director, Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford PACS, Senior Scholar, Stanford University

Allen Gunn, Executive Director, Aspiration (

Cayden Mak, Executive Director, 18 Million Rising

Riana Pfefferkorn, Cryptography Fellow, Stanford Center for Internet and Society

Rob Reich, Marc and Laura Andreessen Faculty Co-director, Stanford PACS, and Professor, Political Science, courtesy Professor, Philosophy, Stanford University

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