Turkish Constitutional Court Says that Twitter’s Ban Violates Freedom of Expression

We have recently reported on the ban of Twitter and Youtube by the Turkish Presidency of Telecommunications and Communication (TIB). The Turkish Constitutional Court has unanimously decided today that TIB's blocking of Twitter is unlawful and should be lifted as it violates freedom of expression and individual rights.

It is still unclear whether the decision will lead to a lifting of the ban. The ruling of the Turkish Constitutional Court comes after an administrative Court in Ankara also issued a stay of execution with regard to Twitter’s blocking order a few days ago. However, TIB did not execute that verdict so far. Kerem Altiparmak, one of the legal scholars and civil rights activists promoting the petition before the Supreme Court, said: "[i]f there is anyone who believes there is rule of law and human rights in this country, TIB must execute the court verdict and lift the ban on Twitter.” Meanwhile, Metin Feyzioğlu, the president of Turkey's Bar Associations, stated that "[i]f they don't abide by the ruling, we will file a criminal complaint against the TIB by attaching the ruling of the Constitutional Court.”

We will keep you posted as the situation evolves. 

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