IMVU and Crowd Sourced Dispute Resolution

Very interesting revisions to the IMVU peer review process... mirrors the Community Court in some important respects:

"Q. What is Peer Review?
A. Peer Review is a system that IMVU has put in place in order to give the community a voice in the kinds of content allowed on IMVU. Peer Review allows users to review product submissions before they enter the catalog to be sure they adhere to the Virtual Goods Policy and IMVU community standards.

Q. How does the Peer Review process work?
A. After a product is submitted to the catalog, it is put up for review. All products are randomly assigned to a reviewer in order to reduce any attempt to game the system. Each reviewer is asked to evaluate the product and its product details to determine 1) if the rating selected matches the content, and 2) if the product and product page adhere to the Virtual Goods Policy. Using the checkboxes on the page, each reviewer can decide if the product passes or fails. If a product passes, it will be published to the catalog. If it fails, the submitter will be notified so they can address the concerns."

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