The Chemistry of Love

Paulette Kouffman Sherman, via my friend Larry: "Some researchers found that whether you are attracted to or repulsed by a man’s body odor may depend upon your respective immune systems. In one study, women were asked to sniff t-shirts over several days to see which smells they liked. Women preferred the body odor of men who had major histocompatibility complex (MHC) gene variants that are mostly different from their own. Some scientists explain that this particular bias assures that children may inherit a more diverse MHC and immune system and that if mates’ MHC genes are too similar than kids may not be as healthy...

First, there are now several dating sites that test your MHC gene variant compatibility and match you up with a compatible partner! Some of these dating sites include and (I’ve listed links to those dating sites below). They test you by sending you a swab kit so that you can brush the inside of your cheek! Then they match you with the most genetically compatible mate! Yes, dating just became even more complex!

Secondly, they have invented and are selling a nasal spray called ‘Liquid Trust Oxytocin’ which is called the new ‘love hormone’ and it is also based upon your smell of hormones. One study found that a whiff of oxytocin made dates seem more attractive. Supposedly oxytocin increases trust, makes people bond and tune into each other at deeper levels. Some scientists even suggest that using this spray could be used as a tool in marriage therapy and could help existing couples be closer..."

We like to think our choices are governed by free will and rational decision making, but science is increasingly showing us how much that is an illusion.

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