Help to Save Net Radio

After the recent Copyright Royalty Board decision (pdf), which set the new rates for webcasting (web radio and any other streaming audio over the internet), it became clear that many web radio stations would fold under the weight of the new rate structure. For college radio, the situation is even more dire.

If you enjoy internet radio - like SomaFM, internet streams of your favorite NPR programs and stations (and stations), your favorite independent radio stations, your favorite college radio stations, or services like Pandora - and if you'd like to continue to have access to independent sources of music, you can help these organizations by visiting the Save Net Radio website, and follow one of the methods outlined at the act now page.

Representatives Jay Inslee (D-Wa) and Donald Manzullo (R-Ill) just introduced HR 2060, the Internet Radio Equality Act (pdf download). This act would prevent the May 15 implementation of the new rate structure ordered by the Copyright Royalty Board. Check it out and then urge your congressional representative to support the bill.

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