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I just completed a lecture at Seattle University in Elizabeth Townsend-Gard's IP class. We had a good discussion about copyright and how it impacts citizen media like podcasting. I planned to also get into the right of publicity and trademarks, but we spent a fair amount of time on mash ups and remixes, which meant no time for these other topics. The students were great, and I thank them for the good questions and discussion. Also, this was the first slide presentation I've created using Keynote, instead of .ppt. It was great. I now want to learn to add more images, sounds, and movies to this sort of presentation.

I promised the class that I would point to some on-line resources that came up in class:

So, first, here are the slides in pdf. (warning! 1.6 MB file.)

This is video from OurMedia founder and Darnket author JD Lasica, presented by JD at South by Soutwest earlier this year, that we viewed and discussed.

I mentioned the Podcasting Legal Guide, and a list of "how-to-podcast" tutorials are at this link.

{UPDATE: This is a great How-To-Podcast Tutorial by Jason Van Orden.}

I mentioned that Samuelson Clinic Fellow Jack Lerner, over at Boalt Hall School of Law, is working on questions about sampling music and music licensing. His project, I understand, will be completed later this year. You can listen to a great interview about his work on Dave Levine's Hearsay Culture radio show and podcast. It's available only in iTunes (instructions here) right now, and David promises to launch a website soon for the podcast and related media.

I think that covers it. I look forward to the feedback and thoughts on our discussion.

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