Bandwidth - Joe Gratz's live blog, book recommendations

Joe Gratz live blogged the Bandwidth Conference here in SF. His wrap post is here (with links to all the sessions he blogged).

I enjoyed the conference a lot. It was the first time I've really interfaced and dealt with the music industry and business. Coming at the licensing questions from my more tech-based, law-geeky, and "new media" copyright background (as opposed to a traditional entertainment lawyer background), I feel like I'm slowly starting to understand the business side. The panelists at the Rock of Ages panel recommended the following books as background on the business of music:

Donn Passman's All You Need To KNow About The Music Business.

M. W. Krasilovsky et al.'s This Business of Music.

The panel also recommended the Lefsetz Letter, a blog by Bob Lefsetz as a good resource.

A big thank you goes to Ashli and Toby, the conference organizers, who pulled all the speakers together, set up the venue, and planed the entire shindig as well. Really great job.

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