"Hearsay Culture" Beginning a Roll

I love baseball, so it was no personal problem for me that "Hearsay Culture", my tech talk show on KZSU-FM (Stanford) was preempted a few times in May for Stanford baseball. Alas, the baseball season is over, so starting yesterday, I should have an uninterrupted run for several weeks.

Up on iTunes in the next few days will be yesterday's show, where I interviewed CIS Fellow Colette Vogele about the world of podcasting and the Podcasting law guide that she co-authored. A great discussion that I hope you enjoy.

June through mid-July will be busy. On the schedule: my CIS Fellow colleagues David Olson, to discuss tech patents, and Christoph Engemann, to discuss national identification cards; Prof. Joanna Demers, to discuss her new book, "Steal This Music"; and Concord Coalition's Legislative Director Corey Davison, to discuss tech issues in the brutal world of Federal debt and deficit reduction advocacy.

There are other guests in the works, and I'll post about them as they are confirmed. Please listen in, and, as always, comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcome!

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