AlwaysOn opening

So there is tons of energy at this conference. Very flashy too, but I think that's typical of entertainment conferences, and so foreign from law conferences that this jumps out to me.

Tony Perkins said a few words of opening. He introduced a statistic that was remarkable to me. He said that 62% of content read on line by the average 21-year old kid (which is the heart of IMers) is generated by someone they know. This is a truly amazing statistic. I couldn't tell you where the statistic comes from, but wow, talk about user-generated content, talk abot citizen media, talk about massive amounts of creativity and content exchanging hands between these "kids".

Then Technorati's Peter Hirschberg stole the show with a very fun and interesting presentation. You had to be there. It was extremely entertaining and informative.These are my other notes from Tony's presentation:

Web 3.0 – the Real Internet Boom
SV + Hollywood
Disrupting forces in entertainment & Media
-Consumer-generated media is rapidly grabbing mind-share
-web content is going mobile and into the living room = the mobile boom
-IMers/bloggeres create and reply on their own online networks = the stats show they are relying on these online networks; use the network in making life decisions, purchasing decisions = a challenge to marketers – how do you penetrate those networks?

What are the wiinnning strageties?
-creating an open brand network and encourage and incorporate consumer content and mashup with 3d party services – you have to take your community on line; these kids want to access their media everywhere on any device; this is the best time to be an entrepreneur

Most importantly: watch and follow the IM generation.

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