Brett J. Meyer

Today, I found out that Brett J. Meyer, a partner at Pryor Cashman Sherman & Flynn LLP, passed away on March 12 after a bout with cancer. As an associate at Pryor Cashman, I had the pleasure of working with Brett.

In sum, Brett was one of the "good guys." Aside from his superb legal skills, more importantly, he was a great person. Always considerate, respectful, a straight-shooter and generous with his time, he was not only the ideal role model and teacher for me as a mid-level associate learning the ropes, but his personality and demeanor were worthy of similar aspiration.

I have written on this blog a bit about the state of litigation and my beliefs about what it takes to be a "zealous advocate." In my mind, Brett represented that ideal. It is with deep sadness that I note Brett's passing, but I also remember with fondness and admiration the person that I got to know, albeit briefly, as an associate.

Brett will be missed.

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