comcast sucks; RCN ROCKS

We just moved and are stuck with comcast cable tv/modem...

They are evil-- let me cout the ways:

invisible limits on bandwith-- If you use 'too much' they send you letters accusing you of abusing the service, but if you call and ask what the limit is, they will not tell you
privacy policy--a joke-- they can use all your data all the time.
upload speed- capped at 250 kilobits/sec.
CNN Headline News- Breakaways for crappy comcast produced news section so they can milk the advertising dollars (talk about using the pipes to control content)

We are desperate to get RCN back where we got upload speeds of 768 Kilobits/sec at same price (no, not for piracy, for xbox gaming). The nice people at RCN are going to try to get their wires to our block. My fiance told them he'd go door-to-door to get them customers if that's what it takes.

If you can get RCN-- DO IT. It's worth it.

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