Tom Lowenthal

Position / Title: 
Non-Residential Fellow
Focus Areas: 
Tom Lowenthal is a technologist and an activist who specializes in operational security and grassroots surveillance self-defense. A few short years ago, his opinions on computer security sounded
over-the-top, but now they barely seem adequate. He believes strongly in individual privacy & personal freedom and tries to avoid making eye contact with security cameras, which doesn't work nearly as well as it sounds. As staff technologist at the Committee to Protect Journalists Tom works to improve the state of usable liberation technologies and teach at-risk users about the steps they can take to be safe. He previously worked as a paranoia advocate at Mozilla, and the Tor Project's coordinator. He holds a B.A. in Political Theory with Computer Science and Technology Policy from Princeton University. You can harangue him on Twitter @flamsmark, or find other contact info at