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Commentary on Infrastructure: The Social Value of Shared Resources

Last week, Concurring Opinions hosted a symposium on my book.  Here are links to the posts:

Frank Pasquale’s Introduction to the Infrastructure Symposium:

Deven Desai, Education and Infrastructure:

Marvin Ammori, Brett’s Big Book,

Adam Thierer, Public Choice: More than a Mere Footnote in Infrastructure Policy Discussions,

Barbara A. Cherry, Brett Frischmann’s Contribution to Policy Debates Regarding Governance of Infrastructures:

Frank Pasquale, Why Do We Lack the Infrastructure that We Need?,

Andrew Odlyzko, Property rights and Brett Frischmann’s social value of infrastructure,

Timothy B. Lee, Competition Can Protect the Open Internet,

Laura DeNardis, The Turn to Infrastructure for Internet Governance,

Michael Burstein, Frischmann Predicts Prometheus,

Tim Wu, Infrastructure can change how you think,

Brett Frischmann, If Infrastructure, Then Commons: An Analytical Framework, Not a Rule,

Brett Frischmann, Recognizing the Limits of Models and Empirics,


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