Symposium: Neuroscience And The Courts

The Stanford Technology Law Review’s symposium is scheduled for February 27th, 2009. According to its website, the symposium will “showcase vibrant legal scholarship on the interplay between new advances in neurotechnology and traditional legal principles and concerns.”

“The symposium will address some of the most exciting issues emerging in this field. Topics include:
* How neuroscience evidence will likely be used in the courts, especially in sexual predator prosecutions or in the penalty phase of capital cases
* What the field of neuroscience can offer the courts that the traditional social sciences cannot
* The relevance of psychopathy for the legal and forensic systems
* Whether neuroimaging data can enhance and improve upon understandings of criminal responsibility
* An overview of the current capabilities and limitations of neurotechnology to interpret and interfere with brain signals"

I’m moderating a panel on the ethical ramifications of neuroscientific research. Hope to see you there.

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