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Hearsay Culture Shows with Profs. Tim Holbrook, Michel Bauwens and Neil Netanel Posted

I am pleased to post three new shows to close the Summer quarter of KZSU's schedule. The first, Show #71, is my interview with Prof. Timothy Holbrook of Chicago-Kent College of Law. Tim is a prolific patent scholar, and we discussed the extraterritoriality of US patent law and recent reform efforts. As patent becomes more ubiquitous, a greater understanding among the public about patent law generally is increasingly critical.

Show #72 is my interview with Michel Bauwens of the Foundation for P2P [Peer-to-Peer] Alternatives. Michel is an Internet and technology philosopher, and we discussed P2P theory and Michel's conception of P2P as a mode of organization that transcends technology. P2P as a unifying theory of a new focus in communal creation is the primary focus of the discussion.

Finally, Show #73 is my interview with Prof. Neil Netanel of UCLA School of Law, author of Copyright's Paradox. Neil focuses on the tension between US copyright law and the First Amendment. The paradox becomes how to reconcile the two within the framework of copyright and IP principles generally. Our discussion raises both the practical and theoretical tensions in copyright law as it relates to speech.

I enjoyed these interviews and I hope that you enjoy listening!

The show will be on hiatus until Wednesday, October 1st. I have lined up an outstanding group of guests for the Fall and Winter and look forward to those interviews. Enjoy!

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