Final Hearsay Culture Schedule Into February -- Yes, This Is It!

With a busy schedule of flying place to place and a child on the way, my radio schedule for Hearsay Culture (see here for more info on the show) has been in a state of flux. But I think that I now have a final schedule into February -- and I thank everyone for their patience.

Also, I've been working on a corollary webpage, and alas I am hopeful that I can get audio onto it. I'll be posting audio here as well, and when the webpage is live, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, I hope that you enjoy the upcoming lineup, and, as always, welcome feedback and suggestions!

December 13: Adjunct Prof. Paul Duguid of U.C. Berkeley's School of Information, discussing his book "The Social Life of Information."

December 20: Balasz Bodo, Fulbright Visiting Researcher at Stanford's Center for Internet and Society, discussing the sociocultural impacts of technology and online communities.

December 27: No show -- taking some long-awaited vacation with my wife.

January 3: Adjunct Prof. Henry Chesbrough of U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business, discussing his book "Open Innovation."

January 10: Harry Surden, Resident Fellow at the Stanford Center for Computers and the Law (CodeX), on the background and activities of Codex and current research.

January 17: Assoc. Prof. Frank Pasquale of Seton Hall Law School on "Limiting Exclusion and Inclusion Harms in Search," an examination of web search engines and the impact of web search engine results.

January 24: Tony Falzone, Director of the Fair Use Project at Stanford Law School.

January 31: Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) on government secrecy and the efforts of the FAS to access government information.

February 7: Prof. Emeritus Richard A. Lanham of UCLA, discussing his book "The Economics of Attention."

February 14: Julian Dibbell, discussing his book "Play Money, Or, How I Quit My Job and Struck It Rich In Virtual Loot Farming."

February 21: David Brin, discussing his book "The Transparent Society."

February 28: Prof. Mark Lemley of Stanford Law School.

March 7: Asst. Prof. Eric Goldman of Santa Clara Law School (SCLS), and Academic Director of the High Tech Law Institute at SCLS.

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