"Jesus Christ: The Musical" Gets New Life

Last August, film-maker Javier Prato received a cease and desist letter from Universal Music, who complained that his short film, “Jesus Christ: The Musical,” was infringing their copyright in Gloria Gaynor's “I Will Survive.”

Despite a light flurry of emails and threats early on, Universal has failed to pursue their allegations. However, the attorney who sent Mr. Prato’s cease and desist letter has since gained some notoriety for subsequent letters prompted by Bank of America’s foray into the music industry.


Mr. Prato’s other short films include: “Spam Free or Die,” “Vegas Knockout,” and “2+2=5=1.”

Universal’s other recent legal pursuits include a settlement with NY State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer over pay-for-play radio violations, and the pending acquisition of BMG Music Publishing (by Vivendi SA, Universal’s parent), which received antitrust approval from the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department in mid-November.

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