Prelude To A Book Review: Barbara van Schewick’s Internet Architecture And Innovation

Professor Barbara van Schewick's book, Internet Architecture and Innovation, is reviewed by Danielle Citron on Concurring Opinions:

In the next few weeks, Concurring Opinions will be discussing various aspects of Internet policy in earnest. On September 7 and 8, we will hold an online symposium on Jonathan Zittrain’s The Future of the Internet (And How To Stop It) featuring thoughtful scholars, journalists, and (lucky for us) the author.

One of those exciting participants is Barbara van Schewick, who has recently published Internet Architecture and Innovation. Sometime in September, I will interview van Schewick about her important book. To whet your appetite, I’m going to reproduce Marvin Ammori’s review of her book below.

“There’s a new book out on Internet policy that is essential reading for anyone interested in Internet policy—and probably for anyone interested in the law, economics, technology, or start-ups. I recommend it to everyone. It’s that good.

Barbara van Schewick’s new book, “Internet Architecture and Innovation,” is one of the very few books in my field in the same league as Larry Lessig’s Code, in 2000, and Yochai Benkler’s Wealth of Networks, in 2006, in terms of its originality, depth, and importance to Internet policy and other disciplines. I expect the book to affect how people think about the Internet; about the interactions between law and technical architectures in all areas of law; about entrepreneurship in general. I also think her insights on innovation economics, which strike me as far more persuasive than lawyers’ usual assumptions, should influence “law and economics” thinking for the better.