Internet Architecture And Innovation

Brad Burnham, a partner at the venture capital group Union Square Ventures, reviewed Professor Barbara van Schewick's new book, "Internet Architecture and Innovation":

Barbara van Schewick's book, Internet Architecture and Innovation, is out and everyone who cares about the future of the Internet should click here and buy a copy. It is not an easy read, but the architecture of the Internet and the ways in which that architecture is directly responsible for the explosion of innovation over the last 15 years is not an easy topic.


In the end, she concludes that the architecture of the internet is changing - that the economic interests of the internet access providers are not the same as the interests of the applications developers or end users, that there is not enough competition in the local loop to provide market discipline, so without intervention, innovation on the Internet will suffer.

Barbara challenges policy makers and advocates to imagine policy at an architectural level...

Barbara makes a compelling case. I hope everyone involved in this noisy debate reads this book.