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[These is currently no known legislation addressing specifically intermediary liability. The Copyright Act and the Telecommunications Regulations, which may be applied to intermediaries, do not include any specific provisions.]

[(1) Section 5(4) lists the acts restricted by copyright law with regard to a literary, dramatic or musical work. These restrictions entail “reproducing the work in any material form, publishing the work, performing the work in public, broadcasting the work, causing the work to be transmitted to subscribers to a diffusion service and making any adaption of the work.”
(2) Section 57 makes anyone found guilty under the Copyright Act liable to the payment of a fine. 
(3) Section 58(3) states that “…no copyright or right in the nature of copy right shall subsist otherwise than by virtue of this Act or some other enactment in that behalf.”]
Statutory Instrument No. 262 of 2001, Postal and Telecommunications (Internet Services) Regulations, 2001
[Section 14 (1): “internet content shall be subject to the existing laws of Zimbabwe.” No penalty is provided for in the said Regulations.]


[There are currently no known new legislative proposals on the issue of intermediary liability.] 


[There are currently no known cases that have been brought before the courts on the issue of intermediary liability.]


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