The Promise And Challenge Of Driverless Cars

The ABA Annual Conference may not have been a lot of fun for, say, an institution on the cusp of a DOE smackdown, but as a member of the press — marked with a bright yellow badge in case (and the “yellow journalism” epithet did not go unnoticed) — it’s a pretty good time. With my friends from the LegalTalk Network, producers of Thinking Like A Lawyer, I had the opportunity to chat with experts as they finished their panel discussions.

I had this short, but fascinating, talk about driverless cars with Professor Bryant Walker Smith of South Carolina, Laura Reuttgers of Severson & Werson, and Stephen Wu of the Silicon Valley Law Group.

Social upheaval, competing jurisdictions, misunderstood technology… all these and more stand between you and your own personal KITT.

But it’s going to get here eventually, so be ready.

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