16th Annual Federalist Society Faculty Conference (Past Event)

January 3, 2014
Warwick New York Hotel

The 16th Annual Federalist Society Faculty Conference will be held on January 3-4, 2014 in New York City. The purpose of our Annual Faculty Conferences is to provide an opportunity for those interested in the Society to share ideas and scholarship with each other.

The New Frontiers of Privacy Harm (Past Event)

January 17, 2014
University of Colorado Law School

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What harms are privacy laws designed to prevent? How are people injured when corporations, governments, or other individuals collect, disclose, or use information about them in ways that defy expectations, prior agreements, formal rules, or settled norms? How has technology changed the nature of privacy harm?

State of the Net (Past Event)

January 28, 2014
Washington, DC

CIS Non-Residential Andrew McLaughlin along with other internet policy speakers will be presenting at this conference.

Surveillance Along the Electronic Silk Road: China and the United States (Past Event)

January 28, 2014
Stanford Law School

Fears of surveillance across borders are driving nations to cut off their countries with Berlin Walls for data, threatening to break apart the World Wide Web. While many have critiqued the laws governing surveillance of Americans by the United States, little attention has been paid to the laws governing surveillance by the United States abroad. How will surveillance affect the Internet enterprises of China and the United States? How does mass surveillance undermine the promise of the Electronic Silk Road?

Strategy TNT: Margaret Hagan — Legal Design (Past Event)

January 28, 2014
Makeshift Society

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Strategy TNT: Margaret Hagan

Law is an area that's largely untouched by creative thinking & good design. But there's huge potential here -- to use design to make the legal system more empowering, and to make people more in control of their legal situation.

IP BYTES: Hot Topics in Copyright Law (Past Event)

January 30, 2014
Bar Association of San Francisco

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IP BYTES: Hot Topics in Copyright Law

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