Global Symposium on Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure (Past Event)

May 14, 2013
Rackham Auditorium, University of Michigan

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) is pleased to host the first annual Global Symposium on Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure, May 14- 16, 2013, in Ann Arbor. This three-day event will bring together leading industry, academic and government experts to discuss and strategize how connected vehicle technology is transforming the transportation industry.

Legal Frontiers in Digital Media (Past Event)

May 16, 2013
Stanford University

This intensive event over two days is designed for lawyers and Web publishing professionals responsible for sorting out the emerging legal issues surrounding the distribution of content on digital platforms.

3D Printing: Is the Law Ready for the Future? (Past Event)

May 16, 2013
Stanford Law School

Three dimensional printing turns bits into atoms. The technology is simply amazing. These machines draw on programming, art and engineering to enable people to design and build intricate, beautiful, functional jewelry, machine parts, toys and even shoes. In the commercial sector, 3D printing can revolutionize supply chains as well. As the public interest group Public Knowledge wrote once, "It will be awesome if they don't screw it up."

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