We Robot: Getting Down to Business (Past Event)

April 8, 2013
Stanford Law School

The program committee for We Robot: Getting Down To Business invites you to join us for the second annual robotics and the law conference to take place April 8 and 9 at Stanford Law School. This year’s event is focused on the immediate commercial prospects of robotics and will include panels and papers on a wide variety of topics, including:

Brain-Computer Privacy: A Discussion with Ryan Calo (Past Event)

April 10, 2013
Stanford Law School

Presented by the Center for Law and the Biosciences

Brain-computer interfaces are on the rise, but they may be vulnerable to hacking that reveals users' private information. Join us as Ryan Calo discusses the privacy risks of this emerging technology.

This event is free and open to the public, and will feature lunch from Net Appetit.

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Robot Block Party 2013 (Past Event)

April 10, 2013
Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab

In celebration of National Robotics Week, the Silicon Valley Robot Block Party returns to the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab @ Stanford on Wednesday, April 10 2013, from 1 to 6pm.

The Virtual Battlefield: Securing Cyberspace in a World Without Borders (Past Event)

April 11, 2013
Stanford Law School

For tech-savvy Silicon Valley, there is nothing more important than a free and open Internet. Yet recent reports of cyberattacks against top-tier enterprises demonstrate a need for increased vigilance in defending the networks that launched the Digital Age.

7th Annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (Past Event)

April 15, 2013
Parc 55 Hotel

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only summit gathering core kernel developers, distribution maintainers, ISVs, end users, system vendors and other community organizations for plenary sessions and workgroup meetings to meet face-to-face to tackle and solve the most pressing issues facing Linux today. If your company is not a member of The Linux Foundation and you are interested in joining please visit our website to learn more about how you can become a Corporate Member.

14th International Conference on Automated People Movers and Automated Transit (Past Event)

April 21, 2013
Phoenix Marriott Mesa Hotel and Convention Center

Join us as we explore Half a Century of Automated Transit - Past, Present and Future: look back over the past five decades, examine the current state of APMs and related ATS, and explore what the future might hold. Half a century ago the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964 provided $375 million in matching funds for public transit in the United States - there began the history of the APM.

2013 Energy for Tomorrow Conference (Past Event)

April 25, 2013
The Times Center

If the world’s steadily expanding cities are to thrive in the 21st century, how will we meet the challenges posed by global warming and the growing need for improved infrastructure, transportation, fresh food, water and clean air?

The Internet Ecosystem & ICANN (Past Event)

April 29, 2013
Stanford Law School

The Internet Ecosystem is made up of a number of organizations and processes that shape the coordination and management of the global Internet and enable its overall functioning. These organizations include: technology and engineering organizations, network operators, resource management organizations, users, educators and policy-makers. These organizations have demonstrated, established roles in administering the Internet’s technical infrastructure.

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