Swimming in the Ocean of Big Data: National Security in an Age of Unlimited Information

February 27, 2013 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

The Journal of National Security Law & Policy and The Georgetown Center on National Security and the Law proudly present "Swimming in the Ocean of Big Data: National Security in an Age of Unlimited Information".

Big Data is transforming national security capabilities. The collection, storage, sharing, and analysis of data enable us to identify patterns and forecast behavior from disparate streams of information. Despite massive data-storage capacity and sophisticated analytical tools for processing data from myriad sensors, the rate of data collection is outstripping our ability to analyze it. Compounding this challenge is an outdated and piecemeal legal and policy framework governing how data is collected, stored, shared, and used.

"Swimming in the Ocean of Big Data" will demystify Big Data, address its challenges and potential, and chart a legal and policy framework for an evolving technology.

CIS Director of Civil Liberties Jennifer Granick will be on a panel titled "Building Sturdy Harbors: A Forward-Looking Law and Policy Framework for Big Data". 

More information: http://www.law.georgetown.edu/academics/centers-institutes/national-secu...

Georgetown University Law Center, Gewirz 12th Floor
600 New Jersey Ave, NW
Washington, DC

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