Privacy in the Age of Pervasive Surveillance

April 3, 2015 8:00 am

2015 Idaho Law Review Annual Symposium

Privacy in the Age of Pervasive Surveillance

Keynote SpeakerDavid Medine, Chairman, United States Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB)

Ours is a time of ubiquitous surveillance. Our actions online and in public are routinely monitored, both with and without our consent, using the “smart” devices we’ve embraced as the tools of modern self-expression, connectivity, and convenience. This is the age of the biometrically quantified self, mass governmental telecommunications surveillance, location-aware technologies, marketing analytics, drones, and Big Data.

This symposium will explore the nature and reach of contemporary surveillance technologies and the challenges they pose for maintaining personal privacy and security. The Idaho Law Review is proud to host over a dozen renowned privacy and security experts from across the country and across academic disciplines, including law, mass communications, and computer science, to explore the legal and policy dimensions of life in the age of pervasive surveillance.

live stream of the symposium will be available the day of the event, which can be viewed for free for those not seeking Continuing Legal Education credit.

CIS Affiliate Scholar Jeffrey Vagle and Non-Residential Fellow Yana Welinder are both part of a panel titled "Surveillance in Public". 

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