Open Forum: The Trust Paradox: The Future of Privacy and Transparency in the Digital Economy

March 28, 2019 5:00 pm to 7:15 pm

Revelations of intentional and unintentional use and misuse of consumers’ personal data in 2018 have left people feeling vulnerable and even angry. Debates continue to drive headlines and are gaining in volume and intensity in private companies, legislative halls, regulatory agencies, the media, and homes all over the world about the best way to manage trust and privacy in the digital economy. But there is a paradox between what consumers and their advocates say they want and what we actually do: consumer social media and Internet use remains largely unchanged. Join this diverse panel of experts for a timely and relevant conversation about the future of privacy, trust, and transparency. How should we govern and regulate data in an economy increasingly driven by new machines? How should companies be thinking about encoding greater protection into the technologies they are developing and using? How can we foster trust in our institutions and even each other?


Jen King, Director of Privacy, CIS, Stanford University
Moderator: Paul Roehrig, Head of Strategy, Cognizant Digital Business
Additional speakers pending

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Pullman San Francisco Bay
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Redwood City, CA
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