Information Security Summitt

May 19, 2017 8:15 am

Jennifer Granick, Director of Civil Liberties, will speaking at the ISSA-LA Summitt. 

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Title: American Spies, Modern Surveillance, and You

Session Description: 

In January of this year, my book American Spies, Modern Surveillance, Why You Should Care, and What To Do About It was published by Cambridge University Press. In the book, I argue that we are living in a golden age for surveillance, and that we desperately need to reform our laws.

Technological development, government secrecy, and a legal vacuum have conspired to give the intelligence community unprecedented insight into and power over private conduct. Government agents can use this power as government agents always have: to monitor and hinder individuals and groups that seek political and social change. While some surveillance is necessary for public safety, the current legal regime has swung too far the other way.

There is a opportunity for meaningful surveillance reform this year. On Dec. 31, 2017, a statute used to conduct spying on American soil and which affects vast numbers of Americans will expire. As Congress considers whether to reauthorize the statute, and how to reform it, it will look to information security professionals like the attendees at ISSA to better understand the risks, rewards, and possibilities for both securing our communications infrastructure and conducting national security investigations. Learning about modern surveillance is a precursor for this community’s involvement in improving it.


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