FUSION Rise Up Conference

November 19, 2014 8:45 am to 5:00 pm

CIS Affiliate Scholar Marvin Ammori will be a featured speaker. 

For more information and to register visit: http://www.fusionriseup.com


Technologies become weapons to combat social change In the years since Tahrir square, distinctly millennial youth protest movements have risen up around the world. Armed with powerful mobile and social-media technologies, youth protesters now have visibility across borders and have shared cultural and political experiences. Nationality matters less and ideas and people matter more. But as the tools necessary to drive disruptive political and social change become less expensive and easier to use, they have equally become weapons to combat social change. Technologies that enable rapid-fire collective action, global media amplification and direct community engagement are available anywhere, any time, and to anyone—good or bad. In the midst of a new wave of global youth protests and seismic political change, Fusion presents an interactive dialogue with change-minded millennials about the challenges and opportunities ahead—and connects ideas to action.

Why Fusion?

Connect across live digital platforms Fusion is about independent, isolated elements interacting to create worldchanging energy. Fusion media platforms offer engagement and influence with millennials who are leading and participating in global protest movements and a strong point of view in the areas of news and current events, politics, lifestyle and pop culture. Fusion creates content that is smart, authentic, and funny—and connects it with audiences across live and digital platforms.

Union Market
1309 5th St NE
Washington, DC

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