Digital Privacy Panel

April 23, 2019 6:00 pm

Given recent investigations into today’s social networking conglomerates, internet users are becoming aware of increased corporate access to personal information. In the age of social media, the question still remains as to whether people have a reasonable expectation of privacy and the extent to which companies can control or protect private information. This panel will discuss the implications of social media technology on current extensions and limits to personal privacy.

Speakers: Cindy Cohn, Jen King, Ademir Pereira, Vijaya Kaza

Date: April 23, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM (see below for more details about admission)
Location: C135 Cheit Hall


This event is open to the public. Entry to the event will be open to ticketholders and, space-permitting, a limited number of walk-ins. Ticketholders are encouraged to arrive early to maximize their chances of getting in. Having a ticket does not guarantee access to the event but does give the ticketholder priority over walk-ins until 5:50 p.m., at which point walk-ins and ticketholders will have equal access to remaining seats. Our standard event policies apply. What follows is an overview of the admissions timeline. It may be subject to revisions as the event approaches. Seating in the venue is first-come, first served.

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6:00 p.m. Event Begins

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