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Connected Vehicles Webcast

March 28, 2013 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

For more information and to register visit:

The 4th Positive Thinking webcast takes place on Thursday March 28 at 11am PDT (US), and focuses on CONNECTED VEHICLES

Questions to be covered include:
What are the best practices in connected vehicles?
What barriers still need to be overcome?
What are the burning legal issues?

Talking points may include:-
Have we really tackled the “chicken and egg” problem – what comes first the smart car or the smart road?
What’s it going to be – DSRC with 5.9 GHz or cellular with 4G?
Vehicle to vehicle – will the automobile companies cooperate?
Are we ready for the flood of super probe data from a connected vehicle – engine management system and high resolution activity data?
If I show up at a toll agency next year and ask to pay my tolls with a connected vehicle, will they have any idea what I’m talking about?
Is this the enabling technology for dynamic insurance rates – pay as you go insurance with rates that change depending on your driving location and behavior?
What’s the latest on the Michigan pilot?
Who owns the data – the driver, the road operator, the automobile company or someone else?
Signal Phase and Timing (SPAT) data will be derived from the roadside traffic controllers – how will we use that data and are the traffic signal engineers ready to use the data flow that will come in the reverse direction?
The average vehicle in the US fleet remains on the road for 10-15 years, how will we keep the in-vehicle technology up to date over this period?

Four expert panelists will discuss all this and more, led by Bob McQueen’s talking points, followed by half an hour of attendee questions.

Bob McQueen

Shelley Row
Richard Bishop
Bryant Walker Smith
Alfred Tom

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