Jorge Cortell

Monday September 20, 2004
1:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Room 180
Free and Open to all!
Lunch Served

Jorge will speak about a research he's undertaken in Spain which shatters the protectionist copyright vision that big media, record labels and some politicians would like us to believe.

There is a legal right in Spain called "Private Copy" which allows any individual to make and keep any number of copies of any copyrighted work for his/her personal use as long as it is not for profit.

During the largest gathering of interconnected computer users in the world (which happened in August in Spain), Jorge delivered a conference in which he explained this right to the participants (many of which did not even know they had that right), and then went on to ask them to "download and copy as if there was not tomorrow". Then Jorge collected information on "physical and online sharing of culture". The results were astonishing, shedding new light into alternatives to copyright laws.

Jorge will discuss his findings and these alternatives.About the Speaker

Jorge Cortell-Albert teaches Intellectual Property Law and eCommerce for the Multimedia Internet Applications Masters Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), and was an invited lecturer at the University of Oxford (UK) this summer. Jorge is also an active lecturer and researcher focusing on the interplay of business, technology, and intellectual property law, and the impact that interplay has on consumers and politics.

Alongside his academic and research activities, Jorge is Public Project Lead for Creative Commons in Spain, and CEO of Onezero Software and Presval Communications.

Prior to founding Onezero Software, Jorge was a technology advisor to several large multinational corporations and governments in several countries.

Jorge graduated with honours in Computer Science from the University of Oxford (UK), ASc. Magna Cum Laude in Business Management from Kellogg C. College (Wall Street Journal academic achievement award), plus several postgraduate degrees and courses (among others: Computer Systems Modelling, Polytechnic University of Barcelona; Financial Markets, Complutense University of Madrid; Computer Security and eCommerce, Polytechnic University of Valencia; eCommerce and Internet Law, Harvard University).

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