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14th International Conference on Automated People Movers and Automated Transit

April 21, 2013 12:00 pm to April 24, 2013 12:30 pm

Join us as we explore Half a Century of Automated Transit - Past, Present and Future: look back over the past five decades, examine the current state of APMs and related ATS, and explore what the future might hold. Half a century ago the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964 provided $375 million in matching funds for public transit in the United States - there began the history of the APM. The 1966 Reuss-Tydings Amendments to the original1964 legislation required, among other things, that the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development "...undertake a project to study and prepare a program of research, development, and demonstration of new systems of urban transportation that will carry people and goods within the metropolitan area speedily, safely, without polluting the air, and in a manner that will contribute to sound city planning.”

How far have we come since that goal was set? Well, airport applications around the world from North America, to Europe, to Asia continue to increase, and enough advances have been made to Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) for it to be the focus of three entire sessions. These topics and more will be explored at this conference. Discover whether Robocars might overtake PRT as the hottest new ticket in the evolution of urban transportation. Brad Templeton will be heading a session on Autonomous vehicles so you can find out if they are the answer to questions of road safety, parking issues, and air pollution concerns.

Come share your opinion and hear what planners, inventors, designers, suppliers, builders, government officials, owners, and operators of automated transit of all forms have to say as all these technologies go head to head in Phoenix. Network with your fellow attendees at meals and breaks, and talk to exhibitors about what equipment and services they have to offer. Take advantage of the ASCE APM conference’s international collegial community to share experiences, reveal innovations, look to the future, and discuss lessons learned and the latest developments in automated transit of all forms.

For more information and to register:

Phoenix Marriott Mesa Hotel and Convention Center Phoenix, AZ

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