12/1: CIS/SLATA Speaker Series - Leonhard Dobusch

December 1, 2008 12:50 pm to 1:50 pm

Leonhard Dobusch has received his PhD at Freie Universitaet Berlin and is currently a research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne/Germany that conducts advanced basic research on the governance of modern societies (see http://www.mpifg.de/institut/institut_en.asp for details).

At the institute he is part of a research group dealing with "Institution Building Across Borders". The research projects of the group are located at the interface between economic sociology, organizational theory and international relations with a strong emphasis on the links between rule-setting and law-making and close ties to the field of law and society. In particular and as a visiting researcher at Stanford's Center for Internet & Society, Leonhard Dobusch is working on "The Copyright Dispute: How New Transnational Actors and Standards Challenge Established International Control Regimes." In the field of transnational copyright public and private authorities compete for regulating the subject matter. (Inter-)National copyright law is both complemented and confronted by private standardization of technology (such as Digital Rights Managment) as well as licensing (for example Creative Commons). In his talk, Leonhard Dobusch looks at different (organizational) types of actors in their struggle for influencing regulation in this highly contested field.

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