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Published Works

Published Works

Legal and Policy Responses to the Disappearing "Teacher Exception" or Copyright Ownership in the 21st Century University, 4 MINN. INTELL. PROP. REV. 209 (2003) (available at mipr.umn.edu/archive/v4n2/townsend.pdf)

This article expores the historical changes in the presumption that teacher's own their copyrighted materials. It also gives specific suggestions on how teachers can retain copyright, if that is something they are concerned about. Read more about Published Works

technical questions

With Jake off and about, I'm not sure who to ask technical questions to. If anyone is willing to help -- I'm having trouble with a couple of things -- extended entries, etc., I would greatly appreciated some advice. I can't figure out why the extended entries aren't saving, and only short entry body posts go through. I also have a couple of other technical questions. Read more about technical questions

Blogging Areas of Interest (2-4)

2. Topic: Fair Use and Blogging

I am also really interesting in looking more into the activities of bloggers and how this could change our concept of fair use in a good way. Bloggers seem far less conservative than others on what they consider fair.

3. Area Focuses -

At the other blog site -- academiccopyright.typepad.com -- I've been tryig to post every week or two materials on specific topics connected to copyright and a scholar's work, i.e. permissions, duration, publishing contracts on articles, etc. I plan to continue this here this year. Read more about Blogging Areas of Interest (2-4)

I came to the topic of copyright within an academic setting from my own doctoral work, initially a biography, which has subsequently turned into a comparative generational biography of the Great War generation. It was the 1990s, when the courts were looking at fair use and biography. I suddenly saw copyright issues everywhere—in research choices and in classroom and websites for teaching purposes. I wanted to know more. I wanted to understand the parameters of copyright law that might affect my daily choices. Read more about


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