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Siva out of the Library

Last night I finally got to meet Siva, on tour promoting his cool new book The Anarchist in the Library, which he was kind enough to sign for me. I've been waiting for this book for a long time! Was reminded that fair use is a "rickety structure" on which to depend for freedom of creativity, not least because it doesn't exist most places outside of the U.S. Read more about Siva out of the Library

Parker Family Foundation Helps Out EFF's Patent Busting Project

I'm tickled to see that EFF has received a sizeable grant from the Parker family of Lexington, Massachusetts (not quite my home town) for the patent-busting project aimed at invalidating wrongly-issued patents. Information here. This is great and maybe it will inspire some of the large companies affected by wrongly issued patents to pony up some cash themselves for projects like this and Public Patent foundation. Read more about Parker Family Foundation Helps Out EFF's Patent Busting Project

Election Over- Thank You for Playing

I just learned of the following incident from an online acquaintance who lives in Texas (no offense to Texas- this probably happens everywhere). Her husband worked late and rushed home to vote in the most recent election, to get to the polls before they closed. He got to the polling place just in time. In fact, the polling people congratulated him on making it in the door. There, as in every place I've ever voted, if you are in the polling place when the doors close, you get to vote, even if there is a long line. Read more about Election Over- Thank You for Playing

Date Set for Oral Argument

We received the D.C. Circuit's order setting oral argument in the webcasting royalty cases for October 13, 2004 (a Wednesday) at 9:30 a.m. before Judges Sentelle, Henderson and Randolph, Courtroom 20.
The lawyers have to suggest by September 1 the most efficient format for oral argument, including such things as time for oral argument and how it should be allotted among the petitioners, who include both copyright owners (RIAA) and copyright users, and include both parties that participated in the CARP and parties that could not participate. Read more about Date Set for Oral Argument

Getting Exercised at the Courthouse

Today the Court heard oral argument on Defendant's Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings in Open Source Yoga Unity v. Bikram Choudhury. About 15 OSYU members and supporters showed up to hear the case. Jim Harrison and I appeared for OSYU. At the beginning of the argument, the Court suggested she was "on the fence" about whether OSYU's members were really members of the organization at the time the suit was filed. At the end of the argument, however, she stated that she was inclined to rule that there were sufficient indicia of membership to find standing. Read more about Getting Exercised at the Courthouse

Privacy PEBKAC

Why are people so upset about Google's plan to offer free e-mail with the catch that computers monitor your e-mail and target your ads? As long as it is transparent, why is this so much creepier than the environments in which we e-mail today? Read more about Privacy PEBKAC


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