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No Fix Yet

Following up on the previous post, until the comments and archive issues are resolved, I will not be posting anything new. Sorry . . . but I expect that these problems will be resolved soon and I'll be back to offering my opinions and thoughts -- whether you want to read them is up to you! Thanks for reading . . . Read more about No Fix Yet

No Comments; But I'll Comment on the United Nations

At the moment, neither the comments link nor the archive are working. So, for those of you who are aching to comment on my blog, or to do a tasteful retrospective, well, you'll have to wait. My esteemed fellow Fellow, David Olson, suggests in his blog that you could email your comments and I'll post them; good idea, David! Once the bugs are fixed, feel free to comment and archive at your leisure. Thanks. Read more about No Comments; But I'll Comment on the United Nations

Musician Publishes Information on How to Break DRM on his own CD

According to vnunet.com, a member of the band Switchfoot published information about how to bypass digital rights management (DRM) technology for their most recent CD, sold by Sony, which undoubtedly reserved DRM as a right. While I have been unable to find what this bassist published, this type of reaction by a musician to the activities of his label probably does not hearken well for a follow-up album by Switchfoot on Sony (if they even want one). Of course, if the CD makes money, then maybe . . . Read more about Musician Publishes Information on How to Break DRM on his own CD

Broadband Growth Slows

A new report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that the pace of the growth of broadband's usage slowed in the first six months of 2005, as compared to a similar period in 2004. This is not particularly alarming, but it does point to an issue that I intend to investigate during my fellowship -- the use of unlicensed spectrum in an effort to increase the use and penetration of such technology. Opening up more such spectrum -- like that of analog television -- would certainly help. Read more about Broadband Growth Slows

Time, Yet Again, for Some Shared Sacrifice

Before reading on (and thanks if you do -- you really, really care!), I should make two disclosures: first, as I mention in my bio, I am an active and ardent supporter of The Concord Coalition, founded by the late Senator Paul Tsongas and former Senator Warren Rudman in 1992 to focus the country on the dire need for deficit reduction. Second, the co-author of the article to which I refer is my sister. Read more about Time, Yet Again, for Some Shared Sacrifice


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