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Where I'll Be and Communal Writing

For those of you who are interested . . . My talk here at Stanford on my recent article has been postponed to Monday, October 16. More to follow.

Also, on October 6-7, I'll be at the Works in Progress Intellectual Property Colloquium at University of Pittsburgh School of Law to get feedback on the above article and to discuss the research and writing interests of professors in the intellectual property field. Read more about Where I'll Be and Communal Writing

Five Years After the September 11, 2001 Attacks

Five years after September 11, 2001, it is difficult to not weigh how one's life has changed since that day (for those of us fortunate enough to have survived it).

Five years ago, I was living in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. I will spare the reader intimate details of my experience, because it is similar to that of so many others who lived in New York at the time, but were not physically present at the scene. Read more about Five Years After the September 11, 2001 Attacks

Government Paradox 101

So it's a little dated (mid-August), but I was morbidly amused at this article and headline from Federaltimes.com: "Transparency bill subjected to secrecy." Yes, the Congressional tribute to unaccountability, the legislative "hold," a legislative method whereby a member of Congress can anonymously and secretly delay and/or kill the consideration of a bill, has been deployed again to the detriment of all who are curious about what Congress is doing. Read more about Government Paradox 101

"Hearsay Culture" Now Available on iTunes

My KZSU-FM show, "Hearsay Culture," is now available on iTunes. Go here to find it (note, of course, that you need iTunes installed on your computer), and also check out other events hosted at CIS!

I will get the shows up on iTunes as soon as I can after airing, and am working on getting them on Stanford iTunes. Thanks for listening, and please let me know what you think! Read more about "Hearsay Culture" Now Available on iTunes

Secrecy and Unaccountability: Trade Secrets in Our Public Infrastructure

At long last, the article on which I have been toiling for many months is in public-consumption format.

I am very pleased to report that my article, "Secrecy and Unaccountability: Trade Secrets in Our Public Infrastructure," has been accepted at Florida Law Review, and will be published in their January 2007 book. I will be revising the article over the summer, and a draft is now available on SSRN. Read more about Secrecy and Unaccountability: Trade Secrets in Our Public Infrastructure

Hearsay Culture

Starting today, I'll be hosting a talk program on KZSU, 90.1 FM (Stanford's radio station) called "Hearsay Culture." In sum, the show is designed to cover modern technology/Internet issues, but not from a purely law or geek perspective. As I wrote for the KZSU schedule: "A talk show, including guests, that focuses on the intersection of technology and society. How is our world impacted by the great technological changes taking place? Each week, a different sphere is explored." See this link for KZSU's program schedule. Read more about Hearsay Culture


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